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Whitewater Rush

14 Sep 2015 - by Solana Pettus - READ ARTICLE >>

The Karamea River holds legendary status as one of the best rivers to raft in the world. There are seductive and fascinating tales written describing a place, deep in the wilderness of Kahurangi National Park. A place that is rugged, raw and beautiful, totally removed from the normal day-to-day; this was the adventure and inspiration that I was craving. This time it was my turn. I wanted to see and experience the river for myself.

The Best of New Zealand Golf

18 Aug 2015 - by by Greg Turner - READ ARTICLE >>

My appreciation of the New Zealand golf on offer was not immediate. Like most kids, I took for granted my surroundings, both from a physical and social sense. That golf was a relatively inexpensive and accessible activity was just normal; and that the many courses that were available to play occupied such stunning surroundings was likewise just “the way it was”.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Waitangi: History in the Bay of Islands

2 Jul 2015 - by GTNZ - READ ARTICLE >>

The Waitangi Treaty Grounds is New Zealand’s premier historic site where in 1840 New Zealand’s most significant document was signed by the British Crown and Māori Chiefs: the Treaty of Waitangi. Visitors to the grounds can now select the new guided audio tour to experience its great cultural significance.

Artist Len Lye in studio 1958, image courtesy of the Len Lye Foundation.

The Len Lye Centre

22 Jun 2015 - by Anna McLaren & Kelly Loney - READ ARTICLE >>

Aotearoa New Zealand is about to open the doors to its first and only museum of contemporary art. The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre, with its curved exterior walls of mirror-like stainless steel, will be the country’s first example of destination architecture linked to contemporary art.

Wilderness with a Rush

19 Aug 2014 - by Waterford Press - READ ARTICLE >>

Thundering through the gorges and over river flats at more than 80 kilometres per hour rapidly rids the mind of city ills and instead focuses on all the wonderful scenery that middle Earth provides.

The Guardian Above

13 Aug 2014 - by Waterford Press - READ ARTICLE >>

Towering over Queenstown like an official guardian is The Skyline Queenstown. A building constructed in the early sixties is now the busiest attraction in town

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