Mountain Jade Rotorua

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Each day you can join a free guided tour of our workshop to discover how we carve jade, by hand. Watch as local artists use modern tools to design, shape and finish each unique piece to the highest level. Take a journey into the rich history of New Zealand pounamu and uncover its traditional uses and values. Explore the cultural influences behind our designs and discover the ancient Māori beliefs that jade lives and breathes. Learn how greenstone is formed deep within the earth and get up close to different types of jade from around the world - discovering the incredible variations in colours, textures and features.

Here in New Zealand, pounamu is a national treasure and your knowledgeable guide will explain how the people of the land intend to protect it for future generations to come. Experiencing the beauty and significance of jade in the cultural heart of New Zealand is a must do experience.

This small group, personalised experience is FREE and runs on demand 10am-5pm daily. No bookings are required, and all ages are welcome. You’ll find the Mountain Jade workshop located at 1288 Fenton Street, a short walk from Rotorua’s i-SITE.

Come and explore our range of traditional and contemporary jade art and jewellery. Each piece in the collection is one of a kind and lovingly handcrafted from the world’s finest quality jade including New Zealand pounamu. Our knowledgeable and passionate team can help you to find a meaningful gift for a loved one or your own personal piece that will forever connect you to New Zealand.


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Brilliant Experience

Mountain Jade is a must see in Hokitika! The workmanship is outstanding!
A big thanks to Gary and Ray for taking a few minutes to show and explain the technical and artistic side of carving greenstone. Very skilled artisans that work hard to produce fine pieces for travelers like ourselves.
Much appreciated!
A favorite on our journey!

Lovely shop!

I thoroughly enjoyed stopping in here. The ladies at the counter were very nice and up for a chat. There was an open workshop where you could view artists carving stones. Only thing to note is that it's not all NZ jade they sell, so check (it's usually labeled if it's NZ stone), but the ladies at the counter happily clarify if you're unsure.