Dux Central

Phone: 03-943 7830
Email: manager@duxcentral.co.nz
Website: www.duxcentral.co.nz

Meet me at The Dux

Located a short walk from town through Hagley Park, Dux Dine is our award winning pescatarian restaurant, serving locally sourced and lovingly prepared seafood and vegetarian fare. Our menus reflect our desire to serve customers meals to nourish, sustain and excite with food that enriches our bodies, minds and souls.

Whether you are new to The Dux Family or have fond memories of long afternoons at the old place, you are going to feel instantly at home in our stunning outdoor area.
This two level courtyard is fully covered and heated and those great big globe lights are the perfect backdrop for dusk-lit selfies! Dux Central offers a four-bar hospitality hub in the heart of the rebirth of the city and offers something for everyone. Our Brew Bar offers over 200 bottle craft beers and 12 tap options, and smacks of a London pub-only we serve our beer cold!
Our passion for wine is expressed in The Emerald Room, which has been perfectly described as “high end, intimate and slick”. This intimate, opulent and
elegant space brings the “deluxe” to Dux Central with its plush green velvet furnishings, gold accents and mood lighting.

It is the ideal space for a catch up with friends.