Proper Hand Cooked Crisps

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Proper Crisps - Quite Possibly the Perfect Crisp - hand made in Nelson, NZ.

Our story

At Proper Crisps we know you deserve real food. You shouldn’t have to settle for over-processed, artificially flavoured potato chips, you’re worthy of crisps without compromise! And that’s exactly what we deliver at Proper Crisps.

Founded in 2007, our current owners Ned and Mina became the Head Potatoes in 2010. They have worked with a dedicated team of potato professionals, to cultivate Proper Crisps from seed to success. There’s a reason we’re the fastest growing snack company in New Zealand.

It’s because we like to do things… Well… Err… Properly; and we believe that starts from the ground up. Here’s our recipe to ensure you dig Proper Crisps.