Pedro's House of Lamb

Phone: 03 441 4526

Pedro's House of Lamb Queenstown

As culinary experiences go you could say Pedro’s House Of Lamb has broken the mould. In a world of complex menus, degustations and various cross culture fusion dishes, Pedro’s have kept it simple, really simple, by serving just one dish.

The dish, as their name suggests, is lamb.

A whole lamb shoulder slow roasted to tender perfection. Made with locally sourced New Zealand lamb, marinated with garlic androsemary and served with a side of scalloped potatoes. The takeaway-only dish has proven a hit with locals and tourists alike.

Pedro's House of Lamb Queenstown

  • A tender whole lamb shoulder cooked slowly over 4-5 hours. Garlic and rosemary bring out the delicious flavour and scollaped potatoes accompany the dish. Take away
  • Deliveries in Queenstown-Frankton area ($8)
  • Orders recommended.