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Email: bookings@kjet.co.nz
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Only KJet offers over 60 minutes of unforgettable thrills, spins and exhilaration across three waterways in one of the world’s most stunning locations. Firstly, your twin engine Jet boat roars across crystal clear Lake Wakatipu at breath-taking speed, surrounded by majestic mountains and mesmerizing scenery. Then you zoom under the Kawarau Dam onto the deep green waters of The Kawarau River, complete with lots of 360° spins. Next the adventure heightens as your driver navigates the fast –moving currents of the narrow braided Shotover River, racing up the shallow channels at speeds of up to 85 KPH in water that’s less than 10cm deep in places. Finally, you return to the pier for a complimentary view from Queenstown’s Underwater Observatory, where photos from your trip can be purchased and you can get up close and personal with our fascinating rainbow trout and lake-life. Join us for an hour of exhilaration and a lifetime of thrilling memories.

Driven by over 50 years of passion, KJet is locally owned and operated, and proud of its heritage as the world’s first commercial Jet boat operation.


  • KJET ONE HOUR TRIP - Jet boating adults: NZD$119.00
  • children 5-15yrs: NZD$69.00
  • family (2 adults & 2 children): NZD$307.00
  • KJET DOWNTOWN DUO - Jet boating & Bungy or Sky Swing adults: NZD$269.00
  • KJET WINE SAMPLER - Jet boating & Wine Tour adults: NZD$270.00
  • children 5-15yrs: NZD$159.00
  • KJET HIGHFLYER COMBO - Jet boat, Heli, Gondola & Luge adults: NZD$330.00
  • children under 12yrs: NZD$250.00
  • family (2 adults & 2 children): NZD$1060.00
  • KJET TWIN THRILLER - Jet boating & Rafting adults: NZD$304.00
  • children 13yrs+/40kg: NZD$304.00
  • KJET TRIPLE THRILLER - Jet boating, Helicopter & Rafting adults: NZD$389.00
  • children 13yrs+/40kg: NZD$389.00

Customer reviews and ratings

v good thanks Rating 4 out of 5
One appreciates staff are dealing with large numbers of (dopey) travellers - but at times I felt a bit like a cattle beast being herded - by (just) one staffer on the jetty.
JOHN VAN BOHEMEN - 01 May 2014 (Travelled Apr 2014)

Rating 5 out of 5
We had a great time and our driver made us feel very at ease. An awesome way to see Queenstown. Thanks :)
CHRISTINE EARNSHAW - 22 Jul 2013 (Travelled Jul 2013)

Rating 4 out of 5
Great experience with a good operator!
ANNAMARIA GRIMES - 10 Jul 2013 (Travelled Jul 2013)

?? Rating 5 out of 5
SATORU MANABE - 06 May 2013 (Travelled Apr 2013)

Absolutley Fantastic - without doubt the highlight of our trip Rating 5 out of 5
Five out five dosent seem right more like 12 out of 10. A really fantastic experience from beginning to end. Everyone was great!!
LANCE THOMPSON - 02 May 2013 (Travelled Apr 2013)