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Rotoiti Half Day

Experience our Half Day tour on the awesome Lake Rotoiti. We will paddle across the Lake to the Manupirua Hot Pools. The paddle to the pools takes about 45 mins...more if you paddle in a 'leisurely manner'

We can show you a few of our secret spots on the way, such as our favourite 'Jump Rock' and swimming spot.

The Hot Pools have been in use since the early 1920's and boat is the only way to get there. Situated right on the Lake's edge, a Hot soak is your reward for your paddling effort.

If you are feeling up to it, there is a small slide into the Lake for a cool down dip.

We can make a time to suit your busy holiday schedule. Earlier for 'Earlybirds' or mid morning if you prefer a sleep in. If you want to go in the afternoon we can do that too!

Contact us to customise your trip or simply join one of our other trips we have going.

Rotoiti Twilight Paddle

Imagine sitting in a Natural Thermal Hot Pool right on the edge of a beautiful lake while the sun slowly sets. Our Twilight Paddle is just that. After a 45 min (or so) paddle across Lake Rotoiti, you are rewarded with a relaxing soak at Manupirua Hot Pools. These pools have been in use since the early 1920's and you can only get there by boat. The pools range from 'warmish' to a very scientific 'Whoa thats hot!'

There's a slide from the jetty into the lake for the brave.

If you like, we can add a BBQ dinner which is cooked for you while you soak. (We always bring Chocolate)

Two Hour Paddle

If your time is limited but you have a couple of hours to squeeze in a quick adventure, join one of our two hour tours.

We can paddle though small caves and explore a wild life reserve on Lake Okareka, paddle over a weir and down a slow moving channel on our Two Lake Paddle or visit natural untouched Thermal areas on our Lake Rotoiti Thermal Paddle. The choice is yours.

There is always time to have a bit of fun!

Tarawera Full Day

Lake Tarawera is a personal favourite. Situated at the foot of the mighty Mt Tarawera which last erupted in 1886, it offers untouched native bush, natural thermal areas, secret thermal hot spots and soda springs.

With DOC camps available you can join us for a get-back-to-nature-and rejuvenate-your-soul, Full Day or Multi day kayak trip.

We bring the food and can customise to your special requirements.

We can swim in the beautiful clear lake waters, soak in natural hot springs or simply sit on the shore and enjoy.

We can also fill you in on some of the history of the Lake and the Eruption.

We love Tarawera and we are pretty sure you will too!

Rotoiti Half Day

  • $95 NZD per Adult
  • $65 NZD per Child (Under 12)

Rotoiti Twilight Paddle

  • $95 NZD per Adult
  • $65 NZD per Child (Under 12)

Two Hour Paddle

  • $80 NZD per Adult
  • $50 NZD per Child (Under 12)

Tarawera Full Day

  • $140 NZD per Adult
  • $80 NZD per Child (Under 12)

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