Glide Omarama

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The Most Spectacular Soaring on Earth!

This unique environment is created by the Southern Alps of New Zealand with crystal clear air, extraordinary wave systems and feisty thermals. Come visit, Omarama - the place of light - and enjoy it all with us!

Gavin Wills Mountain Soaring is a school that offers personalised mountain soaring adventures and gliding courses in the New Zealand Southern Alps and in the high mountain deserts of Nevada and Utah.

Operated by, the school is internationally recognised for its innovative teaching and spectacular soaring opportunities.

Based on the Omarama airfield in beautiful surroundings and with modern, comfortable facilities the school offers all aspects of coaching for glider pilots.

Trial Flights

30 minute Valley Explorer - A stunning introduction to the joy of flying gliders.

60 minute Mountain Adventure - Soar into the mountains as free as a bird.

2 to 3 hour Long Flight - The ultimate adventure in the Southern Alps, to Mount Cook and back.

Trial Flights

  • 30 minute Valley Explorer NZ$335
  • 60 minute Mountain Adventure NZ$445
  • 2 to 3 hour Long Flight NZ$680

“Gliding enthusiasts must do list”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 11 July 2015

The really friendly staff at the gliding club made me feel really welcome. Having been up in a glider before I went for the 60 minute flight as I felt half an hour would go too quickly. The warm air thermals weren't great so we struggled to get up to cloud level, however we had fantastic views of the surrounding countryside and were able to swoop over the mountain ridges. The finale was the pilot asking if I wanted to view earth from a different perspective, when I agreed he pulled off a loop the loop and a number of other aerobatic maneuvers which were a great way to finish. Although not cheap when compared with the price of a bungee jump I think this is a great value way to get an adrenaline rush that lasts more than just a few seconds.
- Sue H, UK

“Gliding over Omarama”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 4 June 2015

We had an hour for $450 and it was money well spent. We soared to 11,000 feet and saw the lakes, Mt Cook and the Alps, and far beyond. We did some aerobatics on the flight back to the airfield - looped the loop and some spins. That was a real buzz! Very professional company, and great pilots.
Visited March 2015
-AliKiwiFruit, NZ

“Bucket List Must Do”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 30 January 2015

I am a glider pilot from the flat lands of the eastern North America. I am fascinated by the very different skillset of mountain flying, and have travelled to France to soar in the French Alps on two previous occasions, but this, - this small island with its complex topography and the weather that produces, - coupled with excellent gliders (Duo Discus) and the instructor, G, who teaches as well as he flies, = well, they are not bragging when they say this is the world's best gliding site.

It offered my great flying 4 out of my scheduled 5 days, and the pessimistic weather forecasts were defied by the topography, - the mountains scrubbing the rain from the air, such that we enjoyed wave, (well, some did), ridge soaring, thermal soaring and convergence soaring.

G is a patient coach, offering always just the right amount of teaching, never overloading, but always filling one to the point of some enervation by the end of the usual 4 hours.

It's not easy to get to, but it's more than worth the trouble. Put it on your top ten!
Visited January 2015
- Charles P, Florida