Kāpiti Coast District Council

Phone: 04 298 8195
Email: kapiti.council@kapiticoast.govt.nz
Website: www.kapiticoastnz.com

Kāpiti Coast

The quaint village atmosphere and rolling coastal landscape is sheltered by Kāpiti Island. Regardless of the season we can offer visitors a place to escape from their busy lives. Whether you want a leisurely stroll or a picnic, to sip wine by the beach at sunset or play golf at a world renowned golf course, you will feel at home in Kāpiti.

Kāpiti was home to the 15,000 US Marines in WWII, and the first Chinese settlers in the 1800’s. It is home now to many artists attracted by the relaxed lifestyle, stunning coastal landscapes and amazing wildlife. If you want to wake to the rolling surf, or a native bird dawn chorus, and take home memories of cheeky kakas, takahe, tuatara, gecko or night spotting kiwi, visiting Kāpiti is a must.